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Is my flood insurer acting in bad faith?

Posted on Tuesday, February 10th, 2015 at 10:23 pm    

Bad faith refers to any action done deliberately to deceive or mislead another person. It is not committed out of ignorance or an honest mistake, but out of malice, deception, or self-interest. Unfortunately, flood insurers acting in bad faith affect homeowners that legitimately need financial assistance to recover from disasters, such as floods.

Your flood insurer might be acting in bad faith if:

-They deny or delay coverage without reasonable basis

-They intentionally misconstrue policy language to delay or deny coverage

-They arbitrarily or unreasonably demand for proof or loss

-They deny or delay investigation of claims

Homeowners hard hit by Hurricane Sandy have had to face many challenges in order to recover. Sadly, many of them are still not getting any support from the flood insurer who once promised coverage. If you think your flood insurer is acting in bad faith, learn about the possibility of taking legal action by speaking with an insurance claims attorney at Williams Kherkher. Call us at 888-384-6376 for a free assessment of your case today.